War of the words is a shop within an experience.

We've brought together memorabilia, historical research, and new media to give you an experience that lets you learn about HG Wells while browsing at (and hopefully buying) books, prints, pictures, and stationery dedicated to the writer.


Sandgate Parish Council secured £10,000 from Shepway District Council's High Street Innovation Fund to develop a "pop-up" HG Wells themed shop in a vacant property in Sandgate.

A small organising group was formed comprising Councillor Tim Prater, Maggie Brinsden representing the Sandgate Society and David Cowell from the Sandgate Community Trust. The Trust was asked and readily agreed to use its established resources to assist in the setting up and running of the initiative. The Trust hopes that, when the six month funded period expires, it will be in a position to continue the project as a permanent exhibition.

This shop, 82 Sandgate High Street, had been empty for quite a while and its layout and location made it ideal for the job. Many people selflessly put in hours of their time to get the premises ready and to create, design and produce the display boards and secure stock.

As school parties will be encouraged to visit, it is encouraging that Wells' The War of the Worlds has been chosen as an English Literature GCSE option.

In April 2016, the exhibition was given a new home in Sandgate Parish Council Library

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